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Hear from our volunteers:

Why you should get involved?

“Seeing the joy and happiness that kindness from a total stranger brings to those in our community in need is so rewarding and uplifting" - Noel Sargent, (Faulconbridge) Community Smiles Volunteer.

“Volunteering for Christmas Smiles is like a family get together... always there for each other & I feel very welcomed & appreciated for the little or a lot that I can do" -Natalie Tonkih (Parramatta), Community Smiles Volunteer.

”I always wanted to help my community but didn’t know how. By being a part of this wonderful team I've been given the opportunity and support to enable me to finally make a difference to the lives of others" - Sara Baxter (Mt Riverview), Community Smiles Volunteer.

“Now I am retired I have less money to give to charity but what I have is TIME! I met Sarah and immediately embraced the idea of giving locally"- Linda Bowman (Springwood) Community Smiles Volunteer.

Donate Goods

Sustainability when donating goods just makes sense.

Community Smiles seasonal Projects and Programs means both gently used and new goods (perhaps unwanted gifts) can be donated.

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Donate Time

The best part of volunteering or running a sub drive or project with CS is the flexibility.

Outside the board with so many projects and activities; your can donate your time when it suits you.

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Donate Money

We are so proud to say donating money to our organisation or a specific program or project of ours 100 Cents in the dollar ends up with the person you choose to help.

How amazing is that.

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