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CS is based in Springwood and we serve the communities around the Western Sydney, Blue Mountain and Hawkesbury region.

Our mission is to ensure that vulnerable and disadvantaged people have the

  • practical necessities they need in order to develop and/or restore their self-esteem, well-being and self-efficacy.
  • tools to facilitate improvement in physical and mental wellbeing,
  • capacity to contribute directly to a pathway out of poverty

Founder and CEO Sarah Cuzner wanted to help but couldn’t work out how or to who. Coming from a corporate background she also wanted to make sure any assistance time, money or goods were getting to the right people.

Community Smiles started simply by providing this info and connections and grew rapidly to continue this service today whilst also providing many a program she noted required yet at the time unavailable in the local communities.

Community Smiles helps the community through a number of different programs such as the

  • Back2School Essentials
  • Elderly Isolation
  • Seasonal Appeal
  • Scholarships
  • Community Christmas Drive and Activities

Please head over to 'Our Story' to read more.